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We have shared
So many feelings
Some spoken
Many more felt within

I am one to believe
That to love
And to be loved
Is a blessing, not a sin

Since we first met
I took you to heart
I cared
I let you in

I'm brave enough
To take the heartbreak
To lose in love
Love is not something to win

I love you
As much as anybody
I know of sorrow
From where I've been

Sometimes you say you care
But often I feel forgotten by you
My love turns back upon me
As pain within

But I remain
Steadfast in my care
I search even as
Light of hope grows dim

You're someone to me
Much deeper than a friend
A love, it doesn't end
Like my next of kin

Happy Valentines
I send my love to you
A kiss upon your heart
A piece of me I gently pin

We will always dream
Kisses we've longed to share
Never forgotten

I am one
Who holds you dear
Always here
I am him

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  • Happy Valentines! This is so endearing.Hope she read this.Hope not so many...(haha) Hope you have a Valentine date...:):):):) I am always your fan morninglight.
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    • Happy Valentines too!. I'm very happy to know of you Rose/Emily and keep your friendship in my heart. The world would be so much less without you in it...so I always wish Happiness for you.
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