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In Distant Dreams

Many have promised love
But yet, we'll see
I give all the love I have
And I give it for free

And still I'm crying
I wonder about you
Do you still think of me
Hold me; miss me too

You're my friend
So distant and so far
But to me remain
A glistening bright star

You're a big part of my heart
But you don't know it
I cherish you, not to hurt you
So it's hard to come out and show it

But I silently love you
In my own special way
And it hurts more than I can bear
Whenever you go away

Hold my hand softly
Lay close to my heart in your dream
Hold me closer
Than you've ever been

I love you
Like the soft snow in December
All the little touches we exchanged
I still hold inside and remember

It hurts sometimes so much
To realize that I'm a lover
Giving love, not feeling loved
On the run, hiding for cover

But in my distant dreams
I often dream of your imagined touch
You're spirit is so dear to me
I seem to miss you so much

So if you love me too
Please somehow let me know
I can't promise you the moon
But I'll care and won't ever let you go

These are among the things
I hold inside
That are hardest to show
Still, I wish you could know

We meet as friends
I pray that never ends
But you're ever a part of me
And I do love you so

Across time and space
If you would, gently hold my hand
I need you more than I can say
If only you can somehow understand

Hold me close to your breast
Give me your forever care
Where lonely souls find rest
We'll share in our loneliness

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