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Trying to move on....

I’m lost in a place where I can’t see,
Where all lies peel uncovering me.
Here in this place, where all is so dark,
I feel abandoned and torn apart…

What have I done? What am I here for?
Wherever I look I see the ones I abhor
And all the times I wished for death
When felt that I have nothing left…

I start to shiver, my face is ashen
For I’m reliving now all I felt when
I was in pain and cried in strife,
When I felt I have no life…

But I’m slowly starting to understand
What this place is, where I am.
It’s a place buried deep within me,
The part that doesn’t let me free…

In this place I can see the past
And all that took away the happiness I use to have.
All the awful things we did, the pain provoked,
The ruthless way we banished our hope…

These thoughts and memories, I wish I could erase
And along with them, wipe the tears off my jaded face
To feel alive again and to feel wiling to live,
But for that, there’s is too much I have to forgive…

So I choose to start again, trying to forget
All the darkness in my past and the pain I felt,
But for that I need your help and most of all your care
And when I need you, you wont be there…

You'll be gone because of me
Your heart will be with someone else
Someone better
Who's not me...

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