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It all comes so fast--spilling out.

Emotions pour; Anger, rage, and doubt.

Pain, so much... boiling up in me.

I'd forgotten what it was like to see.

Blinded by your "love," by you.

Blinded so I can't see what's true.

You're the same-- I'm just there.

A placeholder-- to fill the air.

Your arms cold, your kiss the same.

Now we step into our own little game.

Words clouded with a strange new fear.

I'll let loose only one more tear.

Lies digging you in so deep...

Pain, so strong, set to steep.

It's boiling over into the fire.

Hissing and spitting, making it tire.

Who am I kidding? I'll never leave you...

I'll re-cover my eyes, and pretend this is true.

A little more broken--

My words left unspoken.

Will I always love you more?

I let this question go, feeling sore.

Sleep in your arms-- letting it go.

I'll put on this smile- all for show.

I'll never hurt you.

Blinded will you believe this is true?


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  • This poem makes me incredibly sad.... You've been through enough... You deserve happiness
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    • You should know. You're the one who put me through it. Oh. And then denied me happiness again. Gosh. It makes me incredibly sad, too. Because I remember every word he said to make up for what he did, and... Maybe, I was believing the wrong person. Because, trusting in him, doesn't end in crying for what should be my night. ALL night. And he's still fighting for me. And when he asks me to marry him, he doesn't lie. He has a ring and a promise.... And he doesn't only care about not being alone like some people. His promises are deep, rather than superficial. So sorry this made you sad... It must SUCK feeling sad.
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