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Women Needs

Women in general they don't need love, they need Affection.
For all the girls out there this is my question !
I would love to ask... Is it me?? Or is it this generation for who we are today
for us acting this way or is it just human being period.,
I'm a man myself, when I speak my words follow me, when you hear me you have to understand me people said actions speaks louder than words but my action is my words..There's a lot of beautiful things in this world that people lean on
for example: beautiful women, handsome men, cars, clothes..etc....
Oh yes,Honestly that's beautiful to have all this things.
Can you imagine when a women says that they need something,
they want to get it their way or its the highway.
to receive it you have to be a women.
My women.For those who love themselves you have to know that life ain't easy.
life is a sport that's why individually for you to be on that sport you have to become the sport.
ain't nobody in life that somebody that become somebody that connect with someone that become one..

The defoundation of "needs" is a women that deserve needs.
It's start from suffering to understand the offer of life...
when me and you step in the ring why do you complain?
But I'm addressing to the world ,I'm a call I.d....
love is like a picture that you put on a cover,
but a womens needs is like the oceans when the sun comes up..
what goes up must come down..
how come you never around when I need needs...
is it true that my words is speechless or it's just my way of talking...
God created man and he give us the authority to procraph our needs,
when love was exist before us between man and women that's why we know,
but we don't enter into the solution from the man above into the most highest
we still exist in that for the end of time until we grow old together!
one love in hope we get the solution for does who understand .

ยฉcopyright Cherry Da Lyrical Enforcer

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