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Truth (:

Sad truths here for me to see..

Written down; Broken free.

I loved you, once upon a time;

And thought we'd have our fairy tale rhyme.

It'd be so perfect... so great.

... All you ever felt was hate.

You're full of anger, spite, and pain...

Now our love can never gain.

We shall never again see the beauty of a kiss...

Instead we will always feel amiss.

A little broken deep inside our soul...

A heart so full, leaking from a tiny hole;

We break further now, and you sit...

You should out anger- bitter pain...

I feel we will never gain.

We break each other down, you see

...'till all that's left is you and me.

He's my own little reason to smile...

And he'd walk a mile.

I hate the way you think he's wrong...

As you sing your pretty song;

A song of perfect love that never ends...

And a friendship that never bends.

When I choose not to break apart...

You walk and crumble at my heart.

I cry whenever I'm all alone...

Staring at this broken phone.

One text saved just for me

"I'll always be your angel, baby..."

Those words so bitter- another lie.

I hold you close, and slowly die.

Another cut is sinking in...

Biting deep into my skin...

I promised I'd stop... Another lie.

I hold you close and beg to die.

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  • I like poems that try to express our pent up feelings that hurt. Writing is good way to vent them..Please don't cut! You seem like a really nice girl and I'll tell you that love when you're young is hard on your heart....but it gets even harder as you get older. Sadly the old loves...you can't rekindle them. They help us to learn more what we really want and need and hopefully somewhere down the road we find love again that will be lasting and kind to us. Hope you keep that quiet hope and let your hearbreak mend. Sometimes you have to let go of an old dream to make room for a new one.
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    • Letting go of an old dream was sort of the purpose of writing this. I know it can't be fixed, and the person he's turned into... he's not really someone I'd want to fix things with? Thanks for that, I really appreciate it. :) And thank you for the input. I love putting my poetry up here, because I love the feedback! :D
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      • I'm sorry I could never move past the hurt, that I let it harden my heart and that in the process lost sight of what we had dreamed of. I hope that you can find everything you've dreamed of and that your life goes so well there's so much to say, but I'm aware that its too late.
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        • No... It wasnt too late until you broke into my life again, asking for friendship, and when you were trusted with more, then you fucked me over again. After this point, drew, its too late. And sweet words dont change all youve done. Hurt didnt harden your heart. But other girls seemed to harden something. Glad you found what youre looking for. Because if you think you cant trust me, i dont know how i would have ever gotten over that after you asked me to trust you... I did. And i gave you the chance to make up for it and you walked out again. Congratulations. You just let the one person that loves you with their whole fucking world walk out of your life. And you can never get her back. Sleep well at night.
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