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Lovely She and Happy Me and We

Dear, you only I always need
My life you now kindly lead

Only you I ever in life seek
Now only the truth I speak

For you I am ready to wait
Carrying in heart weight

When you give a kind glance
I thank god for that chance

Your hands I love to hold
As you are superior to gold

Please take me in your vision
As your love gives me cushion

Without you I am really a big zero
As you make my peace thorough

When you come very near
My soul jumps with cheer

In case you express your love now
I will accept thanking God-above

Without your Angelic presence
To live on Earth I find no reasons

In case you go away from me
I will become my own enemy

I regard you as Heaven's prize
You make my peace big in size

You move like the coolest breeze
And give better shade than trees

You give a golden touch
Making me in mirth rich

Your face reminds me lotus
You are to me a Divine bonus

Only you make my living relevant
I am a corpse if you are not present

In case you decide to reject
My proposal and firmly object

I will become greatly upset
How can happiness I net?

Only you give me immense joy
Your ignoring me will annoy

O- Dear- If you are the sea
I am those waves you see

You are to me very, very precious
To my body and mind delicious.




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