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Im Back

ok here I go once again putting the pen to paper trying to find the words that I need to express that ultimate expression that has trouble expressing itself to find the perfect metaphor to describe a lost love or a simile that will leave the whole crowd in awww and send thoughts through the minds of all the ears this poem catches this is to all the poets that have ever hit a mental block in there writing also to the writers who can’t quite find the right words to describe what they want to say to the lost frustrated souls that no matter what they write comes out wrong this goes out to too my friends that sadness is no longer something they write about but something they only know how to write about and im here to tell you its ok let the tears of life lessons do the talking because someone somewhere is listening and they feel your pain so write young man write grab the pen and never let it go as if your life depends on it because you can’t go on living like this there is nothing more sad then a wordless poet so here's to you the man women or boy or girl who needs a little help to express themselves I will be your angel to guide you this crazy world of unspoken words and I will give you the wings you need to help you soar to your highest potential so remember next time you have something to say don’t be afraid to come right out and say it because you think it doesn’t make any sense because trust me there is someone somewhere waiting wishing to be spoken too……


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