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Cruel Past With No Love Fuel

My first song at age sixteen I wrote
I was trying to learn English language
Presence of dictionary was an advantage
Many new words I did cautiously note

Then that girl’s face came to my mind
Love thoughts started pouring in
So with a love song I decided to begin
Via Her kind looks, ideas I could find

Words with the same sound I selected
And started writing a poetic sentence
Her charming face alone gave guidance
By the noble dictionary I was protected

My first poem was full of great rhythm
Somehow I loved that song very much
Using simple words I gave a final touch
The depth of my love I could then fathom

When I gave it to my English lecturer
He promised to put it in college magazine
For my aching heart it was a curing medicine
Its publication gave me colossal will-power

No one knew the background of that poem
How I concocted the rhymes with difficulty
But, no one criticized it as in any way faulty
All admired as my poem appealed to them

Then that poem was shown by me to everyone
I planned to write yet another poem very soon
But, I never at all possessed experience-boon
So a second poem never came out of my pen

It took six years for me to write my second poetry
Vast experience in the form of mostly only losses
As I consistently failed in life in all the tosses
Amidst the worst tears my life I did hopefully carry

At that young age terrible defeats to cripple
My young soul was pathetically trying to live
No body to give love or say in me they believe
I could not come across peace spreading people

In utter desperation my youth was spent
No person to understand my soul’s agony
I became shattered by the act of destiny
When I think of those days I deeply repent.



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