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Behind my.....

Behind my chest is a bleeding heart,

Inside i hide the pain so no one will see,

but the pain is unbariable  'cause now it's "I" instead of "WE",

In a relationship is hurt and pain suppose to be.....?

Behind my smile inside im crying,

It was our second go round, deep inside my heart has broken down

It feels like we didn't learn nothing from our mistakes deep down,

I feel like our relationship was a failure and this is why i backed down...

When i laugh i'm really falling apart,

Mentally i don't think im strong enough to deal with our situation,

and i believe neither of us need the aggravation,

I feel like our relationship was full of frustration,

Behind my toughness inside im dying,

Breaking up is not what i want but it must be i know it's a shame, and yes i

know im the one to blame, but my feelings i will not allow to be toyed

with like a game, and i admit all things aint the same.....

Behind my eyes flowing tears from the moment's we shared begain to start,

Inside im hurting bad from all the memories locked in my head,

Im wishing now the agruements we had was unsaid,

suffering from the memories im going to wish i was brain dead....

Behind my body my soul is trying to depart...

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