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Bitter Sweet

The sweet chocolate roses in an apology for the salty tears stormed down my face, I look at you in your eye and hear the "Sorry" that you speak, yet I still taste the bitter even after I swallow the sweet. The excuses that were made up by the words that you don't deserve the credit, Where did you buy your lies? And why would you sell it? I cannot purchase the untrue reasons why I should forgive a man that gets on two knees and begs me to forget the long nights I was in his same position asking God why. I haven't heard the answer that is why I haven't replied. The aroma that smells like fresh baked cookies in the oven, yet the platter over cookies have already been devoured, is the same feeling when I look at you, I am expecting to consume myself with love that has already channeled through its phase, I have already fallen, yet stand wondering what is next. The script has been read, scenes have been deleted with forgiveness and repent, it's time I edit my life, please stop rehearsing what has already been recorded, in the pages of my diary, my conclusion has already been worded. My taste buds are tired of eating a bland meal so I starve like the empty stomach, because an empty heart can kill.

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  • Love.....does not make count of injustices.
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    • Love makes no record of wrong, yet many women have thought they were right when they knew what love was, when I describe love it comes from still learning the definition, writing a love story with a heart that still needs to read, telling a love story but still needing to listen, seeing a love story yet blind within its illusions, the Braille is on my heart and others are within my heart trying to understand the sentences I write...
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      • We're all still learning about love in our own ways. Anything I know I learned from hardship and heartbreak. Oftentimes we realize we break our own hearts...that goes for freinds and lovers (both can bring you heartache). I'm sure the more selfless we are and the more humble....the more true love will be. Anyway, hope you don't mind my comments.
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