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repairing this love bridge( love bridge repaired)

In your arms I feel at peace, a safe haven , your warm embrace, Your handsome face, your sunkist kiss, smiles, and soft moist lips, In your love I swim, I dive deep within, The moments I treasure, I want to keep forever, as I grin, for a minute, I count to ten and remember, when, we first started, we both came in broken hearted, our relationships strange, inside we both have been drained, walking dead ,numbness, a soarcore, but u I adored, we misunderstood, and one minute were together, the next brokenhearted, another time departed And yet with all of our tears, we managed to build, through these walls, of rumors, blame, games, lames, and chains, our chemistry never dies, our downfall, broken trust and lies, deciet and deception, I don't want to mention, but still I rise, I don't denie, my hearts forgiving, in my eyes u can see the windows to my soul, a pain I never share or show, I do care, but I know real eyes realize little white small lies, truth is well deserved, something you've preserved, and yes rrespect is what I deserve, my heart can only grow by purity, nurtured by loyalty, hurt me with the truth before u tell a lie, don't make my heart cry, I'm always the one to try, repairing our love, building a bridge, many have died crossing, but only we have made it across, we live, we laugh we love, we've cried, our love manages to stay connected and alive , cuz in your arms I feel at peace, a safe haven, your warm embrace my sanctuary, your handsome face, sunkist kiss, your glow, your smile, and soft moist lips, in your love I swim, I dive deep within, I no longer want our love to be a sin, I love you so much , I have to walk away, until I see change, winter, spring, summer, fall, if I don't have your love, I don't want any at all......repairing this love bridge...


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