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Life Will Never Wither Due to Mother

Mother is a holy woman, Like her there is none

Mother is the lady, Who arranged for us a daddy

If we secretly bleed, Mother only fulfills our real need

When mother is forgotten, God views our soul as rotten

If mother is by us ignored, Even by devils we are abhorred

Mother equals Sun in the East, As she always gives a feast

Mother will have empty stomach, But gives for child food-luck

Heaven is by a mother stunned, And its knees before her bend

If a mother is not taken care of, After end soul can never laugh

That soul which ridicules its mother, Will surely face rough weather

If mother suffers severe torture, Only Hell to the child after departure.

Mother will supply cool shade, And pure love will be displayed

Mother will give sacred milk, Beating holy nectar given in bulk

Mother alone will supply bliss, Through her soft lovely kiss

If mother is lost by a child, It means to help it, God has failed

When mother’s milk is unavailable, That child’s weakness is double

When mother herself is hurt, Then that hurting child deserves grave in dirt

Mother and father if are together, Then peace is definite my dear brother.

If mother deserts her baby, Weeping becomes the latter’s hobby

If mother is lost by a soul, Its mind gets a permanent hole

Mother will never leave at all, If she leaves, doom gives a call and all fall.


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