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University is suppose to be the place where u set out your destiny

But let me tell you my view personally cus university as only worsened me

You get out what you put in, simple as that, but the temptations of a student life are too hard to combat

I’m Struggling to get my life on track, setbacks often appear,i know i’ts the motivation i lack , and too me thats clear

I fear I’m gonna just let it go, I’ve had my chance, a chance I’ve blown, and all along I’ve known, I’ve let myself down and I ain’t grown.

But who am i to moan i put myself in this predicament, my family show care n love but I don’t need this medicament. N i wish i could reciprocate but i can’t, my life disintegrate, i just feel inadequate, they’d be better off without me, a ghost left to haunt.

N it’s not that i don’t want to, its that i feel i cant , inadequate feeling they i aren’t n i never will be, , its just not who i am n i stand here in guilt , ive failed my family and myself ,n ive ruined my career and my health,

and i may appear to not care but stare long enough into my eyes and its there, distraught dissatisfied embraced by self hate

Im not expecting people to relate , but there must of been a time where you look at mirror and feel pure hate, disgraced at urself knowing your just like the people of the unemployment rate, I’M not saying it was my fate but its too late to change

Rearrange the way im living, give back what i get given, thats all i want to do proof to myself its worth living i want my parents to receive a whole year of thanksgiving.

My past aint that great n my futures lookin the same

N i hate to admit but im the only one to blame

Below average credentials, working 5% of my potential

But Its essential that i try to break these chains

N experience a life of benefit n gains

Still needing support, hurting the people who have faith in me, knowing I’ve let them down considerably, and the only person to blame is me. i hate myself , i hate what ive become, i hate this waster scum they were once proud to call their son.

Sat here its clear i fear what ive become , ma tears left here to dry up in the sun

Sat here its clear i fear what ive become, my tears left here to dry up in the sun

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