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Sticks and Stones;

So... it's been a while.

So much has happened, but I don't know where to start.

Two years has passed since that dreadful episode ... two years.

That's 730 days in total. Not including the couple of days that have passed as well.

All I can say is .. WOW.

Honestly, genuinely ... WOW.

I dare say I've come a long way.

I dare say that part of my life is finally over.

I dare say that he is no longer in my heart.

I dare say that the two of them belong together,

And I dare say that this whole experience, I will remember forever.

And I dare say that if he ever tries to put me down again, I will be armed.

'Cos baby, I've learnt to play your game, and I damn well will beat you at it if I need to.

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