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so much pain...

sobra akong nasasaktan.....
alam mo ba iyun???
pero shempre hindi
dahil ang alam mo...
yung sakit lang na nararamdaman mo...
naging masaya ka naman di ba...
bakit kailangang ipagkaila mo sha...
kahit masakit pinilit
kong tanggapin.,,,
pero ipinaramdam mong
mas mahal mo sha...
at mas pipiliin mong ako
ang mawala...

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Comments (2)
  • I know this is in your language but I can feel the sadness of it without reading it. Butterfly, if you are hurting I feel the hurt of it too. I know how much it hurts when you put your whole heart in to love and find that they love someone else. It is your own dreams breaking your heart....let him find happiness...if you love him you will wish for him to be happy even above your own happiness. There is someone for you and you must mourn this loss, having faith in God that he has another plan for you. Sorry you're feeling sad...YM me if you need someone to talk to.
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    • ngayon ko lang nbasa... so sad,,, parang parehas lang tayo ng sinapit...parehas na tao ba ito?? joke lang smile:)
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