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I wonder

I wonder my darling

If you know what I’m feeling

When you’re not here

You are living away from me and in the far end.

Do you ever wonder what I am doing?

Have you ever wonder if I stays late in the evening.

Did you ever dream of me while sleeping?

I wonder what you’re thinking when you woke up in the

I wonder if you know what kind of misery I am feeling.

I am hoping, missing, craving for your touch and loving.

I think of you in the evening and in the wake of morn.

I wonder how I can go on living with this kind of suffering.

Do you ever wonder who I’m talking?

Have you ever wonder to whom I’m smiling?

Did you ever think of me with longing?

Have you ever wonder what I’m thinking?

I wonder if you know these things.

Do you know the agony I’m feeling?

When you’re not here with me I feel I am sinking.

I wonder if you feel the same.

I wonder why our love feels like magic in my heart.

I wonder why I feel like I am in paradise.

I wonder why love is such a prize.

I wonder why I fall in love with a magic touch.

(Feb.3, 2011)E.C.S

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  • Rose....your love is beautiful. You've done nothing wrong in loving and you love just they way one should always love...with your whole heart. God bless you always...hope it is kind to you...but either way, do not change the way you are or the way you love. You're a beautiful soul and you're a sweet friend who I feel for. Jim
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    • Happy Valentines! Hope it is happy for you and you are treated kindly.
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      • Happy Valentines too to you. yes,,,,life and love treated me kindly..i hope to you too.
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