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Had I known Love

Had I beheld the glimmer of your waiting eyes,

Had I fell for the relentlessness of your beauty,

Had  your spell left me adrift in the sands of your paradise,

Had I known Love.

Had I trembled inside in anticipation,

Had my mental faculties been on vacation,

Had  your smile been my salvation,

Had I known Love.

Had I placed my hand upon your breast,

Had I traced the landscapes and the crests,

Had I sacrificed to the alter of your lovliness,

Had I known Love.

Had I met you in the in between,

The fleeting rhythm, the heated screams,

Had I known the sweetness of your Being,

Had I known Love.

Had I held you close and kept you safe,

Had I offered you so much more than good intentions,

Had I honored the implied,

Had I known Love.

Had I provided in neglect of my needs,

Had I offered flowers for your weeds,

Had I been blind after all,

Had I known Love.

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