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doubting heart......

the reason why i smile is you...
thank you for making my day happy...

please stay!

i love you??? not yet sure...
i miss you??? yes i do...
are you the one??? remains to be seen...

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  • Hi Butterfly, When you take someone to heart you just care about them. Doesn't matter what the circumstance or their status....you're just happy to see them and are glad they are OK. Anyway it feels very happy to see you. Hope the year was good to you. Missed you!
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    • miss you too nice man!
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      • Butterfly, In my hopes and dreams I like to think we will aways be able to say hello and to know you are safe. I want you to know that I always keep a place in my heart for you, recalling all the kind little moments of friendship we have shared. In times of happiness or sorrow I like to think I will always be one who cares as you have touched my heart in a special way. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Be happy to know you are not forgotten.
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        • happy love day to you too nice man... same here... you will never be forgotten... you are somewhat special... be safe always!
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