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old ways

I dont know what to do!!!
A year ago I was raped and i am trying to deal with everything
and also not having my husband here just sucks he is away
and dealing with this is the hardest thing ever not having his
support!! I just want to go back to how I use to deal with things
I want to go back to cutting but I dont know!! I know I shouldnt
but i under to so bad!!! Just to go back to cutting!!!

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  • Melody....don't do that...it won't help...it will only hurt. Ups and downs are a part of life. They're hard but cutting isn't the answer it's just a craving and an addiction. Of course I remember you! Write a poem to get the frustration out. Prayer is also really good because it seems like God has abandoned you at times but he never really does. Have a little more FAITH in times of doubt or trouble. It may not work out exactly as you like but it works out some way..sometimes better than we hoped.
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    • ok good just wasnt for sure if you would lol but I am trying not to but sadly I did last night and i regret it!!! but I am married now to a wonderful man!! I am so lucky!!
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