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Leave it to Fate

I cry my heart out every single day
Wishing, hoping for a way
Where I can touch your skin
Fill you in, with what’s on my mind
Praying, hoping you’ll find a way
To turn back time

Clouded internally, eyes notably glowing
Erupting emotions externally flowing

I Tried breaking this routine, free me from myself
Alone in this journey, lips locked, heart shocked
Aching, pleading to change, to better my health

Wealthy in this currency of tears,
Fears evolve, overloading, minds exploding with this weight
I’ve given up, 'n' left my destiny down to fate

This infinite love fuelling my heart shouts out for you, screaming for attention.
My soul threaded, embedded and entwined with yours is shouting out for
I’m standing highlighted in green, jealousy beyond my control,
Landing in a quilt of serene blue, I repel you, infect your soul

Waiting, admiring, desiring you whole
Feel free to join me on this road
Mentally, physically, loves taken its toll
Aid me with this heavy load

This is my dream, my wish and hopes
will these words below ever be spoke?

I love you,
and I’m squeezing you tight
I’m never letting you go
I hold your hand and connect are fingers
for this feeling shall forever flow

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  • Love always takes two dedicated hearts. It hurts when one holds on very tight and the other's heart isn't in it. If love is true it is lasting and mutual and each picks the other up. But as they say, a house divided against itself is destined to fall. Not much can be done in that case and the harder you hold on the greater the agony.
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    • hello, I visite your profile and I find out that you are the type that suit my heart, which am seeking for, I hope and believe we will walk it out for heart desier, let come out for something good for our love, i believe someone with good zeal, someone who knows what is love and you are the type, when replying contact me through my e-mail adddress. (lina2011kabbshi@yahoo.com) Iam waiting for the love. lina kabbashi
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      • glad I found this today. Speaks to everything that I am feeling.
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