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My Hopes This Christmas

This Christmas I am happy
for the people in my life
And what I have

I try hard not to worry
about the uncertainties
And the problems that are present

They will be handled
One by one
As best I can

I have no fear of failure
becaue I know God will still be with me
No matter if I rise or fall

But I cannot escape the sadness
Of the people who have forgotten me
And never realized what they meant to me

I suppose I miss them more than anything
And only wish we will be reunited somehow
I like to think all things have a reason

But this Christmas it is the lingering loneliness
that strikes me most
I say a silent prayer for those I miss most

With hopes it reaches them.

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  • hi jim have messaged you but this is the second time it wont send hope you are ok resend me u yahoo id my in knackerd and have to do i knew one xxxxxx
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