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All that I am

I am not a writer

but I have written our love story.

I am not a poet
but I wrote for you a poem.

I am not a singer
but I sing a love song for you.

I am not a dancer
but I dance with you in the rain.

I am not a
painter but I have paint the rainbow for you.

I am not perfect
but loving you makes me the best.

If I am an angel,
I will wrap you softly in my wings.

If I am a pillow,
I will let you lay down on my softness.

If you’re in the
dark, I will be your guiding light.

If you are sad, I
will make you smile.

If you lost your
hope; I will bring it back to you.

If you are weak,
I will be your strength.

I am just a woman
loving my man with all my heart.

I am not wishing
to be a millionaire only to be love.

I am restless my
love with out you here by my side.

I am always
dreaming a white Christmas but blue is all I have.

I wish I have a
pink Christmas if it is real not a fairy tale.

I only want the
simplest among the simple things.

I treasured your
promise I hope you will abide.

I believe in you
sweetheart with all my heart.

I will wait for
you no matter how long my love.

I hope you’re
thinking of me as you live day by day.

I keep your heart
in mine I hope you do the same.

I whispered your
name in the air I hope it carries the wind.

My love will always
be true for you.

You’re my hope my
strength and my rock.

We will be
together in this never ending journey.

Whatever obstacle
we meet along the way you and I will always be.

Our faith will
give us courage to reach our dreams.

Trust and
understanding will make us a good team.

Our love will
make us win.

You and I can not
be broken.

Our hearts
entwined from the beginning.

Together we can
defeat the enemies of men.

Our life
continues even in the midst of pain.

We both know we
will have the sweetest victory in the end.

By: E.C.S


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Comments (3)
  • Rose, You've done all that you can for love. You put your heart full into it and it fails it is not a negative reflection on you. Keep your smile and your good heart!
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    • I am holding on my friend, I think when you truly feel the love in your heart you will do everything to make it work.and I can assure you it is reciprocated.:):):) God bless you! Santa is coming, hope it will be merry for you.
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      • Thank you. Wish we could say hello more often. My best wishes are always with you...someone I truly care about. Thanks for thinking of me.
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