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Just when it seemed that the holidays would not be missed - the kind built commercial enthusiasm and drive retail traffic.

The only problem: For the launch of the traditional sales, no one had the sheepskin boots and shabby chic to sell.

Retailers do not see it coming and sold almost everywhere. It will not be until February at the earliest - until June for the most popular styles and colors.

Although the shoes fleece has been around for over 25 years, UGGs always been seen this year rose to fashion and celebrities - Kate Hudson to Oprah Winfrey. Celebrity trends often leads quickly, leaving retailers struggling to operate, but the only place where you can find these boots from $ 90 to $ 185 is the I-have-a last resort: eBay (despite offers from the popular pink face $ 400 in some cases).
In fact, the boots are so popular that Nordstrom has a display Trip November 22 until Saturday to a collection of custom decorative details Celebrity UGGs Lucy Liu, Britney Spears and Anjelica Huston. They are auctioned to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research and efforts to save the sea Oceana

The boots are still in Australia, the source of all the sheepskin, and New Zealand and Asia. UGG is now booking orders for February, March and April delivery, when usually do not process orders for next year until July or August
"I do not remember something like that," said Michael Atmore, editorial director of Footwear News. And he said, "Everything in limited quantities, is an attraction because they feel lucky to have in my hands, which adds to the madness. "

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