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Forever yours.

Life goes by. I breathe, i sleep, i feel my heart ache. Invisible tears run through my face and it seems to be im ok. I seek to unveil, i seek peace within me to let my soul float, fly, or at least pass by unharmed. I promised i wouldnt let anything hurt it, but again, i found another piece of sweet emotions, a blend of what u feel when u are at the edge of a mountain, and u look down, the breeze of a beach wave, the sound of silence. Love. I know its short, i know it will end but i fail to let it go unnoticed. This hurts me again, after so long, i had wrapped myself into a thick wool blanket, and couldnt feel the cold, but im freezing now. My body shivers, im pale, cant feel my heart beat. I feel pain, the pain that consumes you when u touch it, the pain that burns u when u breathe. I try to escape. I cant escape myself, i lost my blanket, im lost in the middle of a snowy forest, frezzing to death and the only thing more unthinkable than loving you is forgetting you. I wont live to tell this story, i may fly away,  this time ill leave u my heart, i dont need it anymore...ill never feel it again.     


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