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All must choose between the mysterious gleam of pitch black and the pure white shimmer of forbidden heaven. You might be of two minds. Or it might just depend on how you're feeling right now. Dark and sensual creatures gravitate toward the black of night and the pure of heart lust after a pristine white glow. Our limited edition ghd IV Dark styler and ghd IV Pure styler call to our urban angels, who will not feel complete until they possess their souls' true match.Ghd

The white ghd is not only a pretty face, as with all ghd iv stylers it is packed full of useful features: Safety cut-off. Your GHD IV Styler will automatically shut itself off after 30 minutes, minimising the risk of damage if you forget to switch them off in the morning... Dual-voltage. Ghd

Use your hair straighteners in Europe, Australia or even the USA. Or perhaps just in your bedroom. Shiver protection. If you accidentally leave your GHD IV Styler in a cold place, the microprocessor will not start heating up the plates until the temperature of the unit is high enough to avoid damage being caused by condensation that may have formed inside your GHD IV Styler. The GHD IV Salon Styler comes complete with a DVD demonstration of the GHD Styler functions and teaches you how to straighten, curl and style your hair the way your hairdresser does!Ghd

What's more in addition to the incredible white ghd pure styler, you also get the following included in the Limited edition high gloss white GHD IV Styler package: A beautiful heat resistant black case adorned with a white pattern. Presented in a limited edition white box with a stunning black flock design. Official GHD styling DVD for all the latest tricks of the trade GHD IV Styler Product Dimensions: Ceramic Plates: Width 25mm 1 Inch Length 100mm 4 Inches Iron: Width 40mm 1.75 Inches at widest point Length : 250mm 10 Inches. lonqang Ghd Ghd Ghds Ghd hair P90x workout P90x review P90x schedule

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