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Enjoy enjoy meditation meditation

Flash gone through Luxury 37 Spring and Autumn, has been a busy and full forward. Yes, perhaps these "substantial," which, I also happy with and enjoy, can calm down now, I, what have what? Business? Family? Money? Yes, I You say I ask which also have many: the joy of luxury, the feeling of fresh or short-term heart ... ... but all this as a short-lived, had appeared in my life, in the beautiful bloom of the moment, and then disappeared without Shadow without a trace.
     People, ah, life's circumstances is it so for decades, but in the best of Love in all the difficult search for the: promotion, wealth, beauty, enjoy ... ... can not take a standard to judge all people, Rengeyouzhi , the pursuit of different, only if you have adopted to achieve a certain goal or achieve
Take a circle curse you a certain desire, you will feel joy and happiness! Thus, happiness is relative, not an official no worries, no money is not necessarily sad, and then enjoy the countless colorful beauty, heart is not necessarily empty.
 Also, in a lonely night, alone Yili window watching the stars, one has one of the Xizhao Yan, fear of one's lonely, open all night TV, but still in fear of this silence . So, I started thinking, what I want to live in the end, in front of colorful, impulsive luxury, with no fixed, whether
But then others said
 you want to with my life? I, in this one they really happy? No one can give me the answer, perhaps, even I do not know. But hidden in his heart a feeling told me that happiness is not from the heart, which will not enjoy lasting happiness behind this, their long physical and mental exhaustion.
     Will encounter a lot of people's life, met after knowing each other, will be in your life colorful bright hint of color added to. I thank them, for they bring me happiness and sadness,
The governors
feelings and sentiment. You can choose to not accept, do not fall in love with someone but can not choose not to meet with them, everything is predestined. Each person, each past, are destined to happen in your life, the blooming of the most beautiful color, leaving you endless memories!
     It should be said, has always been,
omega watches
I have indulged in such a fresh and exciting, enjoy the process, while they. To the end, 37 years, I found nothing, except have countless memories and "hundreds of battles," the personal experiences, I do not know what is left.
      Love is not easy to say exports, human life does not know how many people will love. When love is sincere emotional statement, but
omega speedmaster after passing the greatest harm to the feelings. I cherish each and I met a woman know and love, with me as long as I make them conscientious motives happiness, satisfaction, happiness. Even fabricated an a white lie, only to win her happy just to be crazy for me, every woman's glory. Until one day face each other separated, she will still laughed "You're good!" So, occasionally in the dead of night, I think back to those who will be 11 moving situation, then omega seamaster
savor the memory of each section of the sad and helpless.
     Deep sigh, inhaling a cigarette, so that smoke ring in the air gradually dispersed, ask yourself: Is it time for the win their hearts and
omega speedmaster watches make their own, and to quietly enjoy his ordinary life, experience the kind of meditation elegance and tranquility. Were the biggest enemy is yourself, because the temptation is to keep the outside world exists, we can only learn to omega restrain themselves, learn to resist, resist this temptation, real mature, can really take to heart a man should bear the responsibility! This responsibility is very heavy, need to own a great willpower, and I also need a person to work together jointly omega seamaster watch
     I look forward to this one, look forward to her understand me, believe me, read me, understand me, inclusive me, when I gently remind me
omega constellation of brilliance in a loss when I lost a firm encouraged me, with my face the future of all difficulties, this is really love me! I am willing to do a lot to her, as she get rid of a lot of bad habits, and then, in another white-haired, she would hold me to say "my husband, my next life I'll marry you!" This is the most realistic romantic! Which is not only for her, but also for themselves, so the next day, he was no longer lonely, with a truly their own, omega watch  permanent happiness!LP


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