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Links of london jewelry witness the love Daniel Wu

Hong Kong star Daniel Wu this 2 days active in the blog wedding news release, the girlfriend of 8 years with the love Lisa, married in South Africa earlier this month has been, and still held a forest  <a href="http://www.linksoflondon.uk.net">links of london jewelry</a> wedding, ownership of natural, simple and grand; as links of london ring, on behalf of marriage knot hair. Married status in the open after the first public forum this evening to participate in Hong Kong Film <a href="http://www.linksoflondon.uk.net">links of london</a>  Awards, the Avenue of Stars on the red carpet, generous showed off his left hand the ring, he said, feeling no different after marriage, but left a little heavier . But his hands wearing the same links of lonson ring, he said, links of london ring is <a href="http://www.linksoflondon.uk.net">links of london stores</a>  a token of their love.Although not expensive, but it looks clever design, elegant, simple, and this links of london rings engraved with their names. The day he wore a suit, left chest, wearing a pink flower, next to the bride wore a white dress, Lisa brings flowers, face smile, still able to see the links of london ring, and <a href="http://www.linksoflondon.uk.net/sweetie-bracelets">links of london sweetie-bracelets sale</a>  Daniel Wu look satisfied, for her to wear the ring, it is true marriage, Daniel tribes blew, he became a married man, and then set foot on Hong Kong Film Awards red carpet, it immediately became the focus. This should be sweet load it! The same red carpet, two generous people have gone through, really <a href="http://www.linksoflondon.uk.net/sweetie-bracelets">links of london sweetie bracelet jewelry</a>  married, but they choose a low profile. One is the big star, one Model, 8-year romance, finally coming into fruition, the tall handsome Daniel Wu, the image of health, in the past participated in the Hong Kong star basketball game, his girlfriend Lisa was also the scene refueling, love long-distance running has been very stable, simple ceremony, the power of love and more enthusiastic, more beautiful, Daniel felt, Links of london jewelry witness the love Daniel Wu ,and fans fans offer blessings.





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