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Zumba is a good workout with an instructor.

"""Jillian Michaels is using a very effective approach to weight loss: interval training. If you train as hard as you can for a minute or two, and then take the leveldown for a few minutes, and then back up again--your body will default to the higher calorie burning level. (Maybe we really are running from a sabertoothtiger. Let's keep it up.) 

I really like Zumba video. I can tell the exercises are working. I had a baby a few months ago so this video is not easy for me. It challenges me without being too hard and discouraging me. Jillian's instruction style is nice. She seems friendly without being sunshiny and annoyingly perky. She offers encouragementwithout sounding phony. She acknowledges some of the moves are tough and if one is too difficult she shows a modification. In short Zumba is a good workoutwith an instructor that doesn't inspire me to throw things at the TV! Every exercise professional that I can think of, whether it's Bryan Kest and Shiva Rea carefully placing a foot or a hand before putting weight into a difficult yoga pose, Joseph Pilates and the slower speed required by springs, or even the followersof Ken Hutchins (super-heavy, super slow), would tell you to avoid weight and speed. """
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