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Criminal Minds is a good show although predictable.

""Week in, week out, Criminal Minds is a good show although predictable. There is always the same FBI team which flies off to some state to solve some grislycrime, often of a serial killer. It has been this way since day one of the series. The only big change was in swapping the leads so that we have had Joe Mantegna for several seasons now instead of Mandy Patinkin. 

However, JM has never really become the lead, which is surprising since he is the only actor on board with really strong acting credentials. The intent is thus to keep this an ensemble piece although I really wish they would rev up the tension by using such an A list actor to the full extent. Watch JM as the lead in the Mamet film HOMICIDE and see what he is capable of when fully utilized. After seeing that film, this show will then seem incredibly watered down in comparison. As it is, the dramatic tension comes entirely from the case of the week and none of the weekly regulars. 
Nevertheless, I do admit to tuning in each week. I do like the cast and enjoy their solving each week's mystery. Is this riveting tv fare? No.I think it is more difficult to find riveting tv on network these days, and that's what this show is, whereas cable channels are the ones turning out the harder hitting shows such as BREAKING BAD or DEXTER. Those are the shows getting my 5 stars. """
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