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♥youre my you ♥

The first time i saw you..i never thought that i would be loving you so dearly
I was broken and ironically hating love for the reason that i had been loving many times and end up crying
I was afraid to open my doors again thinking i would end up bleeding like before
but then surprisingly you showed me the other way around
You showed me the brighter side of loving and you helped me to start loving again and what happiness it will bring me.

And now, I am afraid of losing you..
you who gave me the strength to love again
you, who i look forward to every time i close and open my eyes.
You who i will give my all
You, who are my life, my love and my knight and shining armor.

Our love is unconditional and undying.
I'll die w/ the love we both share and I will die loving you forever

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