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A Great Pretender

I used to hide everything I feel
I'm strong and happy person
That's what everyone knows
when they heard my name

But that's not me
I'm weak and always crying
I always used to cry because of myself being broken

I always help others solve their problems
yet I can't help myself fix my own
Yeah, I'm a Great Pretender!
Pretending what I'm not and would never be.

I'm a Great Pretender
Through everything I say and do
A could say I'm strong to face everything
But deep inside I'm dying for I can't bear anymore pain

Many times I tried to kill myself
Just to escape from this misery of my life
I guess I'm too weak to face everything
I'm not what they see, I'm a Great Pretender!

I can cheer y friends when they are sad,
I can make myself funny just to make them laugh
But it seems it isn't me
Because I can't even find my own happiness

I'm a Great Pretender!
A always pretend everything was alright
even though my world was falling apart
I guess this is me... A Great Pretender!

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