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the sun,the moon,and the star.

We have the same feelings about almost everything.


The most amazing feeling, most of the time we think and speak the same.


One night as we talked on the phone

I felt love is all around us, the sky was so bright

It was such a starry lovely night.


The stars are shining with the grace of moonlight beams.

Then, a beautiful thought came into my mind.

I told you, you are my moon who gives light to my darkest hour.


And I am the star, small and tiny yet pretty and lovely.

The moon and the star can not be with out the other.

They were made together forever.


Sometimes, the moon can’t be seen,

  It’s just hiding beneath the clouds

Watching the star shines its own light.


But, then my lover you are cleverer.

You have better romantic feelings than my own childish dream.

You offered to be my sun that will be my guiding light.


I will be the moon instead

That will make your evening full of enchanting delights.

The lovers make love under the moonlight.


And our fruit of love is our little shining star.

She shines in her own fame and limelight.

The sun, the moon and the star united through our love.


They might be separated by the time and miles.

During the night the sun is resting.

Gathering energy for another day.


Indeed! You are my sun my love.

You’re very busy during the day.

The moon and the star loving the sun

Spread the light for everybody.


Together forever, the sun the moon and the star will never part.



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