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Why People Died?

I accepted you’re not with us.

And I know you can never be with us again ever.

I know you don't exist anymore..


But, there’s a wall that blocking myself

To see the fact that you are dead.



Please Papa, help me find a way

 To understand the mystery of life and death.

My question remained unanswered till now

 Since Kuya died and now you too was gone.

And it’s still a question on my mind.


Why people died?

Yes, papa maybe you see me now smiling.

You heard me laughing but beneath I’m crying.

I want to understand why?


Why people died?

Sounds like a question from a child.

And you know that Papa.

People might see me as a full grown person

But you as my father knew I have a heart of a child.


I miss you so much Papsi!

I wish I have the answer.

Why people died?


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