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Runescape Star System

This post will show all of the help and contribution to the thread of people who. Monoxide you are a co-owner! Argon (c) New Kicka? CO - X's.

A good bumber and contributors, a very good helper:
a. A device professional helper - help you vigorously thread
b. You're amazing! You have so many times game(Runescape Money) that the help and contribution to this thread, we need you!
c. This thread will be dead and fallen you can almost become a co-owner of one of the threads

You can get a star on Runescape:
a. Posted common (and therefore bumbing)
b. to help with the thread, by adding extra information and help to give a good theory of their development! c. In answer to the question of a good week level(Runescape powerleveling)!
d. As good and helpful to other people who need help in some thread.

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