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My Deity Is Damn Pretty

Your face is full of grace
That is why you I chase

Unbelievable is your charm
Beauties in you are uniform

Your hair resemble rainy clouds
Your moon like face it shrouds

Your hands are so tender
Charming they now render

Your voice is so sweet
I get regular heart-beat

Your teeth look like pearls
You are the best among girls

Are your eyes stars of the sky?
Why like the Moon you are shy?

Your fingers are soft like velvet
By seeing them peace I get

Your touch teaches me lessons
As to how joy one imprisons

In mind you are totally fair
And in complexion very fair

Your beautiful eye-brows
Look like two rain-bows

Like a cow you are calm
Your name is to me a balm

When I hear your lovely voice
Frankly speaking I rejoice

Your voice gives peace of mind
Which in womb alone I did find

Your graceful manners I admire
I will acquire you as per my desire

As you are absolutely now covered
Further beauties can’t be discovered

But when I try to skillfully imagine
Gets great joy my loving heart-engine

If I embrace you, what a glory it is!
Your mind will you convey please?

I exult in the thought of our uniting
As your assets are pleasurably igniting

Come soon darling, let us fly to paradise
You hypnotize, mesmerize, and surprise.


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