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I find myself Alone

Beneath it all there is a dream
more radiant than sun beams,
where nothing now is what it seemed,
I find myself alone.

Beneath it all there is a calm,
serenity a loving balm,
where all that rises false alarm,
I find myself alone.

Beneath there is space to breath,
bequeath unto the sweet release,
I am free of my disease
and I find myself alone.

Below the fires rage a storm
Below the spires are taking form
Where miracles become the norm
Still and find myself Alone.

Temptation in the stunning peaks,
elation voices cease to speak,
and tame the primal fires spark,
I find myself Alone.

From the ragged state of being,
Arisen with the world in me,
reaching forth into the dream,
I find myself alone.

And through the fury I am wrought,
purified in Truth I've sought,
breaking free of chains of thought,
I find myself Alone.

When all I see the journey speaks,
The depths below the stunning peaks,
in choosing I will not repeat,
That I am not Alone.

And I had seen the beggars share,
been treated like I wasn't there,
housed like cattle unaware,
Knew that lonliness lives here.

Although I had been much denied,
Witnessed the upstanding, stand and lie,
and fell into the primal fire,
all of course, in my good time.

And I had thirst like any man
and my needs just needed
to live the plan,
Overcome I understand,
I am not alone.

I hold your gifts in these frail bones
In sandkissed sunburned leather skin
and know that I will soon come home
and find myself Alone.

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