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A Woman's World Perfectly Told

A woman will look
Into your lovely eyes
Her love she will book
To give a nice surprise

She will be curious
To know what you think
Her mind will be serious
In analyzing this link

When you kindly offer
Your love with trust
She will strongly differ
And conduct a test

She will be very moody
And not to you openly talk
Very strong is every lady
Your peace she can block

Her mind will waver
It will not firmly settle
After giving you fever
She will try to belittle

She is never at all firm
Her heart is highly brittle
You must accept her term
Or else she will battle

Now she will give a kiss
Then she will try to beat
Like a snake she will hiss
And arrogantly then treat

Her thoughts are unknown
Her mind is secretly hidden
Her emotions are not shown
She will make you bed-ridden

Now she will pleasantly smile
Then she will deliberately ignore
Confusing is her notorious style
Her mind, even God cannot explore

A woman is a mini-demon
None can gauge her ways
She will deliver a sermon
But stop when one prays

She cannot be independent
But unity she likes not
She is devil's consultant
She will trouble a lot

I have given my idea
Based on my experience
Please come to India
To learn practical lessons.


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