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I find myself Alone

Beneath it all there is a dream
more radiant than sun beams
and nothing now is as it seems
I find myself alone.

Beneath it all there is calm,
serenity in loving balm,
and in all that was a false alarm,
I find myself alone.

Beneath there is the space to breath,
A home of homes, I take my liege,
I am free of my disease,
I find myself alone.

Below the fires rage a storm,
Below the spires are taking form,
This is where it all comes from,
I find myself alone.

Temptation in the stunning peaks,
elation when the voices speak,
and tame the primal fires spark,
I find myself alone.

When all I see the journey speaks,
a winding staircase from the heat,
in choosing I will not repeat,
I find myself alone.

From the ragged state of being,
Arisen to a new world in me,
reaching forth into the dream,
freedom is the voice I see,
I find myself alone.

And through the fury I am wrought,
Purified by what I've sought,
Emptied of my chains of thought,
Humility, becoming nought,
I find myself alone.

In the World in which I dualed,
attached to its illusion, fooled,
has fallen vacant on it's knees,
I see the forest for the trees.
I find myself alone.

And hungry as I have become,
is lost to me, I am undone,
each step I take I feel it now
each breath I am becoming One,
I have been transformed somhow,
I find myself alone.

And I had seen a beggars share,
been treated like I wasn't there,
housed like cattle unaware,
fallen to the deep dispair,
I had found myself alone.

And though I have been much denied,
witnessed the upstanding, stand and lie,
and fell too myself, in my good time
I stand up now with all my strengh,
and live my full my life to any length,
I find myself alone.

And I do thirst like any man,
it's just my needs do need a new plan,
I am giving unto all I can,
forgiving me, I understand,
I do not need your drink again,
for I am quenched and quenched I am,
for I find myself alone.

I hold your gifts in frail bones,
in sandkissed sun burned leather skin,
in them I will still journey on,
my liege it's me, I'm coming home,
and in the very words I speak,
between them I find sweet release
in the moment sweet still peace
to know you've have been here with me,
with me all along.

All the crooked miles behind,
all the shortcuts for the blind,
In tempest, thou hast been maligned,
my emptiness had been defined.
For I have loved you all along,
I felt the  point I had turned away,
I heared the call,
I feared it's bell,
burned my feet and walked through hell,
sufferred much and wore thee well.

In this I touch a brand new day,
In liege that I may dream once more
To Live is not the question forth
immersed in once forgotten lore, 
in this I brave begin again,
without births and without ends
Truth is there can be no thing.

I find thyself alone.

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