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Guide about Grind AP in Aion

Guide about Grind AP in Aion

Once your level(aion money) at 40 AP farm which means rifting and Lots of rifting. A 42-44 will give a few hundred ap to you at 40 if you are 40 and target people in your range (or tad higher), even if low rank.

So its a lot more fun to actually pvp for ap then to pvestyle it up in Aion. at level 50 you end up just doing forts, dredgion, fort instances and guardfarming for bloods, with a smattering of pvp or ganking while you guardfarm. Rifting sucks at 50 because most the targets in heiron and belusan are 44-45 max.

Most people we know who rushed to 50 are complaning now because they are bored. Getting stuff takes so much time, they expect to quit the game before that (not because it's a bad game, but because hey, how much time can a person devote to a single game before they want smth new), and without stuff the only thing you have is level(aion powerleveling). Which only makes you get less ap.


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