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Forget it

I think i am just going to give up,

give up boys,

save me the broken heart,

I loved him,

he acted like he loved me,

I just can't believe he did this,

It just can't be,

I don't know what their problem is,

I just think how,

life is like this,

how painful life can be,

just forget love,

be alone,

there is no one who can help,

No one who can make me feel better,

My life is terrible,

I should forget life,

Do away with myself,

No one cares,

No one will notice,

It will be like a small breeze gone by,

no one notices the breeze,

the breeze dies alone,

no one to care about,

no one to love,

just forget me,

i will be in heaven above,

watching over the people below,

watching the attitude that some people never show

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