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This part is may seem like that's the way the mechanic works inAOC, you will always get the burst heal if you do it this way. However, there's actually a hidden lasts approcimately 15 seconds that cooldown on the burst heal from the blue heals. The first blue heal cast 15 seconds after the last burst heal will trigger another burst heal, regardless of whether there is a blue heal running on the person or not.

The rest of what Lady001 said is absolutely on target. Having one healer being the main blue healer will enable that person to maximize the burst healing. PoMs' blue heals tick and burst for less than the BS blue heal, so oftentimes groups/raids wanting to maximize healing will prefer that the BS be left in charge of the blue heals on the main tank group. The difference though, is pretty small. We provide AOC powerleveling for you.

They can always tell when their heal has run 15 seconds, and will save other healers their mana. While the BS might be preferred as the primary blue healer, since they have slightly better blue heal. The difference is small enough that any experienced healer of any of the 3 classes can usually do the job just fine, in our experience(Age of Conan Gold).


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