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Bagis which considered the best for their easy to play all you do is buff and spam kb skills. Aks are well balanced for pvp and pve and you need some strategy to play with them. We prefer Ak way more enjoyable to play pve. And Bagis will earn 2moons gold easy when you start.

Mages are best for they are unstoppable, with skills hacks of coarse, without Mages, they are level(2moons powerleveling) TOO SLOW, but with skill hacks, no stopping, PERIOD!! ANd KAK, It doesn't matter if they wear res anyway, mages got skills that no player has much defense against, i.e. Aqua circle, energy hammer, uzer gain, etc. So even if they have 75% all res, doesn't matter.

Best way to beat a skill or shield hacker mage in 2Moons? A skill orshield hacker summy, use poison and if you do it fast enough, you can kill her before she can pot. Also Aqua circle, energy hammer, uzer gain is non elemental attacks so yes element res gear is useless, but the they are weak against good def. Since they are physical magic attack.

As the new actions comes other classes with become stronger, but we believe in the end bagis will always have the best advantages when it comes to pvp. We like summies the most, they can pwn if you know how to use them right. Infact you can kill bagis over half the time if you know how to use their kbs against them.

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