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I use to be fond of winter ‘til my nights started to chill without you lying by my side


Dawn arise and I’d fall asleep without the joy you kept a smile on my face


Autumn leaves now fall, the color kept mellow mild moods on my mind

Oh, what seasons I was fond of.

Time has passed with the equivalence of my love

Leaking out of my wound briefly, slowly, going on and on


Snowy days I awoke waiting to see the glorious smile,

Captivating moment I’d fall into your arms

Low whistling in my ear from the whispering wind that takes deep sighs of my breath away,

Patiently waiting for your presents… left alone with your absence. Still awaiting

The sun now shines where I stand but rain constantly showers over me

I stand… still… hoping for rescue, not for safety, but for comfort

Shaking dripping wet, drying my the moist tears that filled my eyes,

Wiping my face from the falling drops


I use to be fond of this summer day

That day you said you’d stay, instead you walked away

Shattered with low confidence, shame, hurt

But no grief while happiness lie on the other side of me

I’m just praying, praying that someone will come get me before the flowers start to bloom.

Bloom! Taking me away from the gloom filled heart I placed into someone’s hand to gently cradle

Slipping out his hand and broking to pieces all apart, leaking love that was kept tight in my heart.


I use to be fond of seasons ‘til I found out the meaning of why love changes cause the reason.

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