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We, Yes, She and Me- Under Valentine Glee

She is very very near
Giving lovely cheer
I am her very dear
She removes my fear
She will stop my tear
She looks like a deer
Saying “I am here”
Like full Moon clear
She will ever appear
My life she will steer

She will kindly smile
And love without fail
Mercy is her style
Love news she will mail
Her grace will surely bail
She will make me never ail
Her presence I will hail
My sorrow, she will nail
Her heart is my lovely jail
She makes living worthwhile

Her love she will sanction
Making me finely function
If her name I mention
That will remove my tension
She will pay me attention
With the kindest intention
She makes everyday a function
Her kindness gives zestful cushion
By following the best love-fashion
Supreme are her vision and forevision

Nothing can match her generosity
So marvelous is her versatility
She is pretty and never petty
Her eyes shock like electricity
She is in beauty a University
She helps my heart gain elasticity
Her affection is of high quality
Helping age attain great quantity
Her love is equal to that of Divinity
She is my deity, her love is the Almighty

My heart she will surely pacify
My needs she will ever satisfy
All my troubles, she will defy
For me the Lord she will deify
Her eyes will always mystify
All my doubts, she will clarify
My sad heart, she will mollify
My noble acts, she will justify
For me she will pray to verify
My life-journey she will simplify.


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