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Roxy’s Rosilyn Destroy Jeans

Despite the on-going craze over skinny jeans, the flareCustom Dresses  cut jeans is never really out of fad. I personally prefer the flare over it’s waify sister – the skinny jeans. Roxy, a reputable footwear and apparel brand in Australia, comes up with a new collection of flare pants. The one that really called out to me is the Rosilyn Destroy Jeans, a 5 pocket flarewedding dress  jean has a contour waistband with heavy destroy, patching, and splatter.

Oddly enough, a brand-new distressed pair of jeans sells at a higher rate compared to ones that look really brand-new. According to manufacturers, it takes more time and processes to create a distressed pair of evening dresses jeans. Well, with the Rosilyn Destroy Jeans, I’m not complaining.

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