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Spanx Hoisery

Everybody has been talking about it. Stars have Formal Gownsraved about it, from Eva Longoria, Tyra Banks down to Oprah. This revolutionary new product that has reshaped women’s silhouettes everywhere. Its called Spanx.

Spanx is basically a special kind of hoisery that sucks you in, the state-of-the art weaving is the secret to Spanx. While other pantyhose either get loose or slide down, Spanx Herve Leger Salewont.

No more visible panty lines, no bulging stomachs and unsightly creases. Spanx promises to streamline your bulges so your clothes will fit better and make you look slimmer.

Spanx comes in a variety of sizes from A to D, depending on your weight class. There’s also a gauge of how strong  you want the elastic to be, there’s light coverage to “higher power” as wedding dressesthey call it. Aside from that, they also have underwear, camisoles to footless Spanx to heavy duty coverage from bra-line to thigh.

Try it. Its the secret of the stars.

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