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Getting to Know You: The Friend's Friend

She breaks a smile in my direction,
I catch it just as she turns away
The moment lingers in my mind
Her soft curve and broken eyes

The night hurries on aloof
Plain and honest except for her
She holds a mystery so dark
Captivating and endearing

The words break the darkness
Exposing her self to me in vain
Helping me to understand her
As I grasp for a foothold tonight

As the hands turn I find myself behind
Caught up in the melodic liquid trance
But lessened by her distracting prescence
And terrifying humble silence

I make my rounds and pay my dues
But hers is the story I want told
The unattainable tale of a statue
And how she came to be here with me

The night is over and the lines are called
Numbers and names fly about wildly
In a fervent noisy splendor

The approach is imminent now
Can't break the ice with a hammer
So I must start with a spinning drill
And go directly to the source

But still she declines with a smile
That array of blocked starlight
That peeks out from the soft rose
Of the cave she has been buried in

And so I intend to accept this fate
Wallowing in curiosity left unfulfilled
Rushing down the cold sidewalk
Laughing to myself to keep from thinking

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