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Reminiscing My First Love

I do not know how this madness started; all I know is that I want her back, badly.

My mother was very angry at me this morning. I did not clean the garage and washed her plus size gowns this week as scheduled.  She keeps talking to me as if I am a child needing an advice.  What she didn’t notice is that my girlfriend and I already broke up a week ago.  I don’t want to tell her; she loves Annie, and has always wanted her for me. So, I kept my silence.  I was really heartbroken. 

Last night, I was alone in my room listening to the radio while strumming my old guitar.  I can’t sleep; her face kept haunting me that forlorn evening.  I went to the terrace to breathe some fresh air and relax my mind.  As the swift air dampens my skin, it’s like she hugged me tightly and I instantly felt her warmth.  The moon and stars were silent that they seemed to know the unbearable pain in my heart. 

It was past 2:00 in the morning, still I was awake.  The village was still and calm.  I looked down at the pool, the moon light reflects on it and my face as well.  Suddenly, tears fell.  I silently cried letting the tears drown my sorrow knowing that I am wounded deep within that no one can cure.  I opened a beer and got myself drunk.  It was 10:00 in the morning when I woke up.  I didn’t notice that I feel as sleep; all I remembered was I cried that night longing for her.

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