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Emotion Release

Love at first sight...that is for suckers, fools, and misfits.
At least that is what I have been told.
But is it truly possible to meet someone and know from that one moment in time that they are the person that was meant for you?
The simple introduction, a moment of conversation, and an exchange on information...
Is that all that is necessary to take a instance and turn it into a lifetime?
I don't know where we should go from here, at this exact moment in time; I could spend my life with you.
I could wake up each morning with you next to me.
Is this a feeling you share with you?
I know that a hastily decision is all that is needed to break a foundation.
So I feel it’s best to fall back and let you vocalize your feels before I emit my own.
May I be acting too self-interestedly?
Am I holding us back?
Am I veiling my emotions in fear of rejection?
I know that I may be moving too fast but there are things that must be said, emotions that must be release regardless of the response.
All I can do is tell you the truth about how I am feeling...if you agree you move on together.
If you don’t...well that is a river that will be swam if needed.

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